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"With our first job in the world of football we already understood the importance of grass, and its necessary recognition within the practice and quality of the team's game."

I started with a taste for lawns while playing rugby, since we trained on dirt pitches and it was difficult to play on a good course in Seville except for La Cartuja.

Alfredo Martinez of the University of Georgia on managing lawn diseases during the winter and early spring months.

If we “google” the phrase “use of amino acids in soccer fields” we will find many answers related to nutritional supplements for high performance soccer players. In general, the concept does not differ much if we apply it to our sports field. In this highly competitive environment, we need to prepare our plants to perform at the highest level under not always ideal situations and under some type of stress.

In our country about twenty-five soccer fields are renovated with sod a year. At some point in the year, all football clubs need turf to replace an area or a whole field, be it a sports city or a stadium. This reality makes the production of quality sod a fundamental need in the soccer sector.


On June 20, 1928, Real Valladolid Deportivo was born from the merger of two Valladolid clubs: Real Unión Deportiva and Club Deportivo Español.