The magazine of sports turf professionals.

"With our first job in the world of football we already understood the importance of grass, and its necessary recognition within the practice and quality of the team's game."

Good morning Marc, how would you define GARDENTONA?

Family business crazy about sports, gardening and sports grass. Since my youth I have already directed my professional career to gardening, and since we founded GARDENTONA I have already understood the importance of sports grass and especially in the world of football.

When it was? In what year?

GARDENTONA, after working in different sports projects, and as a sod producer, we got into the adventure of replacement and maintenance in one of the most demanding and most renowned fields in the world of football, of which we are still leading the comprehensive maintenance of all its fields.

Your most emblematic project?

Changing and maintaining the grass of one of the best stadiums in the world is a privilege and a great responsibility, also to add that two years ago, with the construction of the new Johan Cruyff stadium of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​to be able to carry out the construction of the playing field with a comprehensive system from the subbase using the latest and most demanding systems was a great challenge and a great project. Of which we are very proud.

For GT SPORT each project is important, beyond the importance of the club for which it works. Each club is equally important to us. It is our Work and it must be done with the same quality and effort, beyond other conditions.

How does GARDENTONA work?

With our first job in the world of football we already understood the importance of grass, and its necessary recognition within the practice and quality of the team's game. And therefore, support the need for each club to have a specific headgroundsman responsible for the state of the fields.

GAREDENTONA SPORT understands this, and it is an intrinsic part of the company. And therefore, GT SPORT works for a club, but always from the first moment we understand that we are at the service of the Groundsman and / or responsible for the fields, and that we owe ourselves to him, and with him we work to obtain the state of excellence that we all want.

The work of La Liga is a clear example of how the grass has acquired the importance it should, congratulate its great work, and this magazine also, a clear recognition to those responsible for the sports fields. I must congratulate you on this great initiative.

We advise, change playgrounds, build new ones, and now we also cultivate them to install them, but we never forget our maxim of working with dedication, and maximum enthusiasm, as if it were our first project, now it will be almost 25 years...

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How has GT evolved throughout its history?

GT SPORT we have learned a lot from our mistakes, it has evolved because the pitch, the technical solutions and the world of football in general have evolved. GT SPORT has evolved looking for new technical solutions so that the fields can always give the maximum possible performance.

We have invested in knowing and being able to provide service in all types of possible fields, be they natural, hybrid and artificial.

Our last alliance with STRI is a clear example of what I mention. STRI and GT SPORT have joined forces in the coming years to be able to offer clubs and courses the best possible solutions, seeking the results in their maximum performance.

What do you think of our initiative with this Magazine?

Congratulations on the initiative, which continues to be a vindication and recognition of the work of all the people who are involved in the maintenance of the football fields, and especially the Groundsmen of all the clubs.

Fortunately, their work is being valued more and more every day, thanks to the great work of La Liga, and to your dedication as well.