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Welcome to this second issue. I want to start by commenting that it has been a pleasure and a great experience to follow the entire evolutionary process of the first edition. We hope that future editions will continue to be enjoyed, while growing in content of interest, and will be a reference for professionals in the sector.

I also want to assess the situation in which football finds itself with COVID-19 in all its dimensions. According to a group of specialists from the football industry, which includes representatives of clubs, leagues and companies in the sector, they valued that the impact of this crisis could extend until 2024. Let's hope that the recovery process will be more fast and without leaving anything on the way.

Europe is expected to be the continent most affected by the effects of COVID-19, and possibly the least in Asia. This is due to the fact that Europe is "the epicenter of the football industry worldwide", despite the fact that other continents such as America, Asia and certain African countries are in the process of greater professionalization of their football industry. what the problem is less.

The Spanish league, with the 42 clubs (1st and 2nd) that make it up, accounts for approximately 1.35% of Spanish GDP, and between the first and second divisions, they directly and indirectly employ some 180,000 people. It is very remarkable the economic importance of football, as well as leisure for the public. There are clubs that will see their income reduced, among the most powerful, from more than 200 million, to 5 million or even less, among the most modest clubs.

From GroundsmanSport, we want to thank the support of the companies involved in the process, and it is our intention to promote and promote their expansion.

Pedro Luis Dañobeitia

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